Its that time of year again when the travel bug begins to bites and you're planning your first trip with your little one.  It is inevitable that you'll will have to travel with small children at one point in time. To make the trek a little easier we’ve come up with 5 tried and true tips on traveling with your little one and links to what to pack besides your Stina & Mae bag ;)  of course.

1. Be In The Know 

There are many reasons to consult TSA travel website, such as regulations around car seat sizes and liquids such as breast milk/ formula. Knowing the regulations can save you a lot of time and headache. We also suggest contacting your airline before hand if you have any questions.

2.Take Off and Landing

The altitude change can cause ear popping and that may be uncomfortable. To soothe any discomfort breast or bottle feed during take off and landing.

3. Beware of the melt down hour

No we aren’t talking about grill cheese. Melt down hours are generally between 2-5 when your baby or toddler is over tired and cranky. After a long day we all know an over stimulated little person can be a handful. We suggest flying  earlier in the day to avoid  a mid trip melt down.  No flight is enjoyable with a toddler kicking and screaming and we think your fellow passengers will thank you.

4. Elements of Surprise

Pack a few new small toys for your little one to play with. The element of new and surprise will keep your child interested a little longer than toys they are more familiar with.

5. Snacks Pack

Small ready to eat snacks can help soothe a hungry child we suggest packing a few of these in your carry on.


Have travelled with your little one (s) yet? If we'd love here your tips as well. 

Helpful Links

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